Google has added a nice little update to its Google Voice app. The app will now feature your Google Voice messages next to your regular phone voicemail in the native phone app rather than having to logon to the Google Voice app.

This provides a deeper integration of Google Voice in your Android smartphone, similar to those found in certain Sprint Android handsets. This update provides a one interface for handling all your Google Voice messages as well as your regular phone number voicemail.

Google said:

Your voicemails will appear alongside your outgoing, incoming, and missed calls in your phone’s call log and you can just simply touch them to play them. You can slow down the playback of the message which is great for when someone is telling you their callback number, or you even speed playback up, so you can quickly listen to longer messages.

You can get this enhancement by Going to the Google Play Store and updating your Google Voice app. Please keep in mind that this update is only available for users of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.