OS X Lion thumb drive available online now for $69

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Apple’s Mac OS 10.7 has gone physical today with the introduction of a $69 USB thumb drive. The flash storage stick provides you with a full copy of Lion OS X, but does so at quite a premium relative to the $29.99 price of its Mac App Store alternative. Somewhat ironically, the newly corporeal Lion is only available for purchase through the online Apple Store for now — delivery time is listed as between one and three working days — though brick-and-mortar Apple outlets will presumably have it in stock very soon as well. One note of caution is provided: installing Lion from the USB drive means you won’t be able to use the online Lion Recovery tool should you wish to restore your OS. Subsequent reinstalls will have to be handled from the flash drive.


TI DM8168 HDVICP2 H.264 Encoder

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According to TMS320DM816x DaVinci Digital Media Processors Technical Reference Manual:

  • HDVICP2 in DM816x supports 1080p 60 fps h.264 encoder or dual 1080p 30 fps h.264 encoders, other video codec supports including:
  • H.264: BP/MP/HP Encode and Decode
  • H.264: Fast Profile/RCDO Encode and Decode
  • MPEG-4: SP/ASP Encode/Decode (No support for GMC)
  • DivX 5.x & higher Encode/Decode (No lower version; for example, 3.11 and 4.x)
  • H.263: Profile 0 and 3 for Decode, Profile 0 for Encode
  • Sorenson Spark: V0 and V1 Decode (No encode support)
  • MPEG-2 SP/MP Encode/Decode
  • MPEG-1 Encode/Decode
  • VC1/WMV9/RTV : SP/MP/AP Encode and Decode
  • ON2 VP6/VP7 Decode
  • RV 8/9/10 Decode
  • AVS 1.0 Encode and Decode
  • JPEG (also MJPEG) Baseline Encode/Decode
  • H264 Annex H (MVC)

The HDVICP2 subsystem is composed of:

  • A primary and a secondary sequencer: ICONT1 & ICONT2, which include its memories and an interrupt controller. Both these sequencers, ICONT1 and ICONT2, are identical.
  • A video DMA engine: vDMA
  • An entropy coder/decoder: ECD3
  • A motion compensation engine: MC3
  • A transform and quantization calculation engine: CALC3
  • A loop filter acceleration engine: iLF3
  • A motion estimation acceleration engine: iME3
  • An intraprediction estimation engine: iPE3
  • Shared level 2 (L2) interface and memory (of size 256 Kbytes)
  • Local interconnect
  • A message interface for communication between SyncBoxes
  • Mailbox
  • A debug module for trace event and software instrumentation: SMSET

Possibly it may also support 2048×2048 h.264 encoding (Level 5). However, currently the h.264 encoder is not ready yet in the HDVICP2 CODECS Product Download Page