I have been with beagleboard for 3 months now. Well, it only has a digital video output, so I cannot connect a normal vga (crt) monitor to it.

I started googling if there was a converter for the BeagleBoard….
I found something ‘vga-converter-for-beagleboard‘ but in stead I came accros this linusakesson.net

Very simple circuit… this should do the trick. Why should it be complicated?

So, why are HDMI(DVI-D) to VGA converters to expensive?

This circuit that I’ve found is just a few resistors and two transistors. So, this circuit should costs about 5 dollars!!! Why are those converters a few hunderd dollars? (Okay, thet are connected to the DVI-D port, and this circuit goes to the LCD interface….)

So, I guess I should get some resistors, transistors and a soldering iron, much cheaper then a hdmi to vga converter or a new monitor…